Ian Nicholson RIP

Week to week and sometimes in special concerts for many years music was provided by St. Peter’s Church organist Ian Nicholson. Sadly Ian passed away in 2014 and will be deeply missed.

Ian Nicholson sitting at the church organ he selected and played

Ian (pictured right at the seat of St. Peter’s Church organ) was featured by the BBC in an article which you can read by clicking on the link below (the article will open in a new window) –

BBC article about Ian Nicholson

Ian was also a Church Warden and played an active role in the running of the church and this website.

Over it’s 1,300 year history St. Peter’s has relied on the dedication of people like Ian who have helped to stop the neglect in this culturally important site of the Western world. As Ian would wish, music will continue to be played and it is to be hoped will go on to bigger and better things in the future.

In November 2015 a kneeler dedicated to Ian was unveiled.

Norma (the Lady pictured above) made the Kneeler in Ian’s memory and it was dedicated by Paul the Curate on 15th November 2015 to mark the first anniversary of Ian’s funeral. Church members donated money towards it.