Bede’s Cycle Way

Bede’s Cycle Way has been devised to link the Twin Anglo- Saxon monastery of St Peter’s in Wearmouth and St Paul’s in Jarrow, now a candidate World Heritage Site. Bede’s Cycle Way follows the route that would have been taken by seventh century pilgrims.

The route goes through the Great North Forest, covers 13 miles of North East landscape, wide seascapes, rolling hills and meandering streams. The route combines on and off road cycling.

Map and Information

The free leaflet you can download below may be used to start your ride at either from St. Peter’s church or St. Paul’s church. It features an easy to use, full colour map of Bede’s Cycle Way to follow. Along the ride you will be able to see Bede’s Way, Cycle Way and NCN 14 signs.

The leaflet will open in a new window. By all means save it to your computer or device for later use.

Please click here to download the full colour PDF format document ‘Bede’s Cycle Way Map’ (opens in new window).