Delving Deep Into The Past of St. Peter’s

Artefacts from the excavations of St. Peter’s monastery by Professor Dame Rosemary Cramp of Durham University between 1963 and 1978 can be seen on display in St. Peter’s Church.

Some important carvings remain within the stone of the church; those within the porch to the west can be seen from the outside. The deposits on display are not just of stone, but some of the 7th century coloured glass recovered from the site can be seen also, as well as pieces of the plaster work from the walls of the monastery.

Of particular importance is the reconstruction of the abbot’s throne, which identifies St. Peter’s as the seat of the abbots of Wearmouth-Jarrow. In the modern day, universities refer to a chair as a position of teaching authority and, with the juxtaposition of St. Peter’s Campus in the University of Sunderland to the present day site, we see that the place remains a place of learning to the present time.

For a complete photographic record of the archaeology of site, see.” Wearmouth and Jarrow Monastic Sites” Vols 1 and 2 by Professor R. Cramp (English Heritage) ISBN 10 1873592930 and 1873592949.

More lies buried under the St.Paul’s and St.Peter’s sites – work for future archaeological investigations.