A range of items commemorating the site and your visit are available in the shop in Bede's Bakehouse.

These include -

A Glass ornament inscribed with the Prayer of Venerable Bede

Glass Prayer of Venerable Bede

A holding cross

Holding cross

A variety of printed material such as “Aspects of Monkwearmouth” by Brian Dodds

“Aspects of Monkwearmouth” by Brian Dodds

A wide variety of pictures, for example Framed Photographs of St. Peter’s Church (pictured) as well as works by artists who feature in the art gallery

Framed Photograph of St.Peter’s Church

As well as many other items.

Visit the shop on your next visit to browse the many items available. If you are housebound or live too far away to visit please use our contact us page to make an enquiry about any item we may have in stock, find out up to date pricing and to arrange having something posted to you.