Support St. Peter's

There are five ways you can be part of the community that is presenting and protecting the heritage of St.Peter’s Monkwearmouth, with varied levels of commitment, four of them financial.


  • You can join our multi-disciplinary team of volunteers and use and enhance your skills to add your contribution to the community at St.Peter’s. We need IT specialists, administrators, people with commercial backgrounds; and we also need enthusiasts for local history and those who are happy to welcome visitors to the site.
    If you're interested please use the contact us section to let us know.


  • You can join the Friends of St.Peter’s and be kept informed of news and heritage matters and thereby support directly the conservation of the saxon fabric at St. Peter’s.
    Please CLICK HERE for info.


  • You can, without fuss, make a simple and direct donation by Paypal online.

  • You can also make a payment by bankers order or by BACS by downloading our document via this link - you can complete this form and send it to us. Please ensure that you quote the account and sort code you intend to credit if you complete your details on-line.


  • You can make a longer-term difference by leaving a legacy by adding a codicil to your will. It is surprising the difference in real terms this makes when a conservation project is impending, when the generosity of an individual may make a significant impact.