Education Visits

Education is an important feature of the heritage of the Wearmouth-Jarrow monastery.

These were places of learning where a local seven year-old lad from Sunderland was taken in and given an education that led him to becoming one of only eight doctors of the church. That boy was the Venerable Bede. The monastery here was furnished by its founder, S.Benedict Biscop, with a large library from Rome and here copies were made of the scriptures and sacred writings and here also Bede produced the vast opus of his life’s work. These covered not merely biblical commentaries and sermons, but also scientific works based on his observations of the tides and of astronomy in order to calculate the moveable date of Easter. This legacy of learning remains to this day. Wearmouth-Jarrow is an ideal place for an educational visit. People young and old can learn about history, heritage, archaeology, science and much more, across all of our venues.

Adjacent to the Wearmouth site are found the present day St.Peter’s Campus of the University of Sunderland and the St.Peter’s Sixth Form College.

The Wearmouth-Jarrow partnership education team are consulting with local education providers over the provision of education resources for the Wearmouth-Jarrow locations and this part of the website will be populated in due time.

For educational resources for schools please click here to follow a link to Sunderland Museum.

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