Artist in Residence 2013-14

Begun in 2013 when the North East region hosted the visit to Durham of the Lindisfarne Gospels, local calligrapher and president of Northumbrian Scribes, Susan Moor, became an artist-in-residence making a bound Gospel book with methods used in the time of Bede.

Lindisfarne Gospels IllustrationSusan Moor said at that time,

"In the late 7th century the monastery of Wearmouth-Jarrow gave the St. Cuthbert Gospel as a gift to the community of Lindisfarne. This pocket sized copy of St. John's Gospel was then placed, with other treasured items, in St. Cuthbert's coffin.

My intention is to produce a book with the text of St. John's Gospel at it's core, but with the addition of words relating to St. Peter's: it's history, but also the living church and community of the present day.

I hope to include words and images from the church's worship, community and visitors. The book will need to be larger than the original St. Cuthbert's Gospel, but have the same proportions, and I will bind the completed pages to create a permanent work for St. Peter's."